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If you're looking for the James Murphy from mCoding on YouTube, then you've come to the right place!

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I choose to post my videos online for free so that anyone can learn from them. The more viewer support that I receive, the more time I can justify putting into creating high-quality educational content for the benefit of everyone instead of doing private consulting work. Note: MCODING, LLC is a for-profit business and any donations made will most likely not be tax-deductible (this is not financial advice, consult your tax professional).

Give what you can, if you can. No dollar is expected, and no dollar goes unappreciated.

You can support my video production efforts in any of these ways.

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I have a Patreon account, which allows you to pledge a certain amount to give each month. Depending on the donation tier you choose, you will also earn certain perks as thanks for donating, such as on screen credits and a special role on my Discord chat server.

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You can donate directly to my video production efforts via PayPal, either once or on a monthly recurring basis. You're still welcome to any of the equivalent Patreon perks.

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Direct donations via secure bank transfer are the best way to ensure that the money you donate goes to me without any fees being taken out. Bank transfers are handled through a third-party so that I do not ever see your financial details.

You must contact me via email to donate this way.

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Money isn't the only thing you can donate. You can also lend a hand by spending your time.

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Please consider visiting my sponsored/affiliate links. Buying something from a sponsor, or even signing up for a free product or trial can help me.

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Don't be shy! Feel free to send me an email with any details of your company, product, or deal that you have in mind. I only accept on-brand sponsors and products that I think my audience might be interested in, so please make sure it's clear why you are a good fit for my channel (if it's not obvious).

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