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Why choose mCoding?

mCoding is a one-person show

Learn programming directly from me, James Murphy, a Carnegie Mellon and UT Austin trained math Ph.D. and former S&P 500 market-making quant with over 10 years of experience programming, and over 5 years of experience in Python. Read more about me.

Because it's just me, there are no administrative hoops to jump through. Not sure if programming is right for you? Ask me directly. Have an issue with billing? I will handle it. Have special circumstances? I will work with you make sure you don't fall behind.

Weekend and after-hours classes

I know that many of you already have work, school, or businesses to run. That's why mCoding makes a point to offer classes on weekends and during the evening, so you can learn programming without putting your life on hold. No longer do you have to choose between learning a new skill and your day job.

There are no grades

I believe that grades are a huge source of undue stress for students and that grading students does not improve their performance or understanding of course materials. That is why there are no grades in mCoding courses. Instead, students work with me to set personalized goals to determine what parts of assignments and projects to complete while staying within their time budget. Students who are motivated to produce something interesting, something of value, or something to show off, do much better than students who are focused on a grade.

Focus on real-world practicality

Here at mCoding, courses focus on example-based and project-based learning, all while using the tools and applications that a real-world professional programmer would be using. We will explore theory only as it pertains to useful practice.

Linked List Cycles Thumbnail on a Laptop

100% online

At mCoding, all courses are taught fully online through a mixture of video conferencing software, chat software like Slack, and websites like GitHub that help coordinate collaboration. In the real world, most software developers communicate through these and other similar channels, even when their coworkers are right next to them.

Free samples

I know that having good credentials isn't enough to be be a good teacher. It's important to know that a teacher communicates effectively, both in terms of conveying ideas, and in terms of having clear audio and video. That's why I provide free sample videos on my YouTube channel, so you can see for yourself whether my style of teaching is right for you. Try one of these videos to start.

Detecting Cycles in Linked Lists Writing a Turing Machine in Python Step by Step

Upfront pricing

The price for each course is listed right in the course listing. That's the price you pay and there are no hidden charges or other fees. We also have a reasonable Refund Policy in case you decide early on that you don't like a course.

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Still not sure?

Contact me and ask to schedule a free video consultation. We can discuss your background, motivations, time budget, what you would like to get out of the course, and any other questions you may have.


Automated payment processing through the website is handled by PayPal, which means you can pay with a credit card or debit card, or with a PayPal account. Please contact me if you would like to pay with an alternative form of payment.
mCoding offers both merit-based and need-based scholarships. There are no deadlines, application requirements, or essay prompts. Before signing up for a course, simply send me an email explaining why you deserve or need a scholarship, and what percentage discount off the course price you think would be appropriate. There is no guarantee of receiving a scholarship, and even excellent applications may be declined. Remember to present yourself professionally, creatively, and to put your best foot forward on your application. I will personally read your application and decide whether to offer you a scholarship, typically within 1-2 weeks.
No. A coding boot camp is a highly accelerated, intense, and time-consuming program designed typically for people who already know how to program in order to get them jobs as software developers in tech companies immediately following the boot camp. In contrast, mCoding offers a moderately paced and low pressure experience for students who mostly do not already have a solid programming background. Everyone is welcome and you choose to learn at your own intensity.
It depends. As is the case with most classes, you will get out of the class what you put into it. If you put in the effort, you will significantly improve your programming and problem-solving skills, potentially to the point of being employable as a full-time programmer. I do not make any guarantees of your employability though, and the courses at mCoding are not designed with the intent of bringing you from zero to coding-hero in the span of one course. Instead, mCoding courses generally aim to get you to the point that learning more and honing your skills (as professional programmers do every day) becomes practical, so that you no longer need a full-time instructor to make significant progress.
Yes, you can. There are many excellent online programming resources that are available for free. However, most people learn better with guided instruction from an experienced teacher than by themselves. With programming in particular, there is so much available to learn that it can be difficult to know what to focus on or even how to get started. That is why having someone like me to keep you on track is worth the price.
Absolutely! Programming is not just for professional software developers. Nearly every technical job can be done better if the person doing the job understands the fundamentals of programming. Ever feel like you are doing a repetitive and tedious task like entering, filtering, or cleaning data, sending invoices one by one, or checking over and over again to see if a feed has updated? These are the kinds of things that you might be able to automate with a computer program. Programming can also help you gain insight into data that you have.

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Oct 27, 2020
Intro to Programming in Python course starting Jan 9, 2021 has been added!

According to the StackOverflow 2020 developer survey, 44.1% of respondents use Python, and US-based Python jobs have a median salary of $120k USD.

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Oct 15, 2020
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