Software consulting, contracting, and training

James and his team are available for short-term and long-term consulting and contracting, including code reviews, architecture reviews, bug hunting, general problem-solving, and virtual training.

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Python and C++

Founder James Murphy is a Carnegie Mellon and UT Austin trained mathematics Ph.D. and former S&P 500 market-making quant with 15 years of experience programming, 8 years of experience in Python, and 5 years of C++. Read more about James. James primarily does technical and software consulting, contracting, and training.

Video Production

Independent of his consulting services, James also runs a YouTube channel, mCoding, where he makes videos about Python, C++, and mathematics with the goal of helping spread knowledge on these topics for free to people all around the world! See the way he approaches problems, organizes his code, and communicates his ideas. These videos can also give you an idea about what virtual training or remote work with James would be like.

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Recent News

100k on YouTube!

mCoding reached 100k subscribers and over 6 million views on YouTube!

mCoding channel