Photo of James Murphy

James Murphy, Ph.D.


2020 — present

James founded mCoding and has been consulting ever since!

Industry Experienced

Quantitative Finance
2019 — 2020

Previously, James was a quant researcher at Chicago Trading Company, where he was on the S&P 500 market-making team.

High-Frequency Analytics

During his undergrad, James also interned on Wall Street at a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) firm, Tower Research Capital, where he was a programmer and analytics intern.

Mathematics Ph.D.

Probability and Random Networks
2014 — 2019

James completed his Ph.D. in mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin under the supervision of Fran├žois Baccelli in May of 2019. His research was broadly in the field of stochastic geometry, but he primarily focused on random networks, which can be used to model computers on the internet, connections of phones to cellular towers, or relationships on social media. He primarily worked with an abstract kind of random network called a Doeblin Tree.

Download James's Ph.D. thesis Doeblin tree video (no sound)

Carnegie Mellon Graduate

Computational Finance B.S. and Mathematics M.S.
2010 — 2014

James simultaneously completed his B.S. in Computational Finance and M.S. in mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University, receiving both degrees in May of 2014. His Master's thesis advisor was Gautam Iyer. In his Master's thesis, James studied a one-dimensional model of a physical system that releases more energy the hotter it gets, calculating at what point a runaway explosion effect occurs.

Download James's Master's thesis

Lifelong Programmer and Teacher

Programming Experience
2008 — present

James has been programming since 2008, and he has been using Python as his primary language since 2015. He has at some point been proficient in the following languages, though he mostly uses Python and C++ in recent years.

  • Bash/shell scripting (and general linux familiarity)
  • C
  • C++ secondary language
  • Git (it's so fundamental, let's call it a language)
  • Java
  • LaTeX
  • Mathematica
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python primary language
  • R

This website is built using HTML/JS/CSS with Bootstrap 5 and Python using Flask 2.

YouTube Channel
2020 — present

James started a YouTube channel as a fun way to further my goal of helping as many people as possible better their own skills by seeing coding and mathematics through his eyes.

James's YouTube channel
Teaching Experience
2010 — present

James has also been a lifelong teacher, formally and informally private tutoring in math and computer science since 2010, and teaching large lecture halls during his time as a Ph.D. student and even during his undergrad.