Professional Services

James and his team are available for the following professional services. These include short-term and long-term Python and C++ projects.

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Available Services

For when you need technical and software advice, recommendations, and improvements, including:

  • General problem solving
  • Code review and/or architecture review popular
  • Bug hunting
  • Type-hinting an existing Python project
  • Performance improvements
  • Scalability and maintainability improvements
  • Roadmap and technology recommendations
  • Testing and deployment recommendations
  • Containerization

Hire mCoding to solve a particular problem, build a solution, or work with your existing team to expedite development.


Improve your business's software development team by signing them up for:

  • Training courses
  • Weekly "office hours" with James
Interview practice

Primarily for job-seekers looking to maximize their chances of being accepted to their top-choice firms. Practice in a low-stakes environment with James. There's more than just an interview:

  • Resume review
  • Website/online presence review
  • Video interview with live coding and problem solving
  • Post-interview analysis and recommendations