Professional Services

I offer the following professional services through my business, MCODING, LLC. Pricing is by the hour for my time. I'm happy to accommodate short-term and long-term projects. My primary languages are Python and C++, but for long-term projects I'm not opposed to refreshing or learning a language that you already have in place.

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Please be as specific as possible in your request, detailing: the project overview, what you're expecting from me, how many hours, any deadlines, and any legal restrictions such as NDA or restrictions regarding access to sensitive data like PHI.

Available Services

For when you need technical and software advice, recommendations, and improvements, including:

  • General problem solving
  • Code review
  • Architecture review
  • Bug hunting
  • Performance improvements
  • Roadmap and technology recommendations
  • Testing and deployment recommendations

Hire me to solve a particular problem or build a particular solution.


Improve yourself, your team, or your business.

Interview practice

Primarily for job-seekers looking to maximize their chances of being accepted to their top-choice firms. Practice in a low-stakes environment with me. I offer more than just an interview, mix and match as you please:

  • Resume review
  • Website/online presence review
  • Video interview with live coding and problem solving
  • Audio-only interview (to practice 1st-round phone interviews)
  • Choose the difficulty
  • Choose the interviewer's demeanor
  • Post interview analysis and recommendations