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Intro to Programming in Python Jan 09, 2021 Sat, Sun 12:00PM US Central Time 3000 COMPLETED
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  • OPEN FOR REGISTRATION: The course is currently accepting new sign-ups.
  • CLOSED BECAUSE FULL: The course is not currently accepting new sign-ups because the course is full, but the course may reopen if someone drops the course before the course begins.
  • CLOSED BECAUSE PRIVATE: The course has private registration only, meaning you must contact the instructor directly to be added to the course.
  • ONGOING: The course has already started and is not accepting new students.
  • COMPLETED: The course was recently completed and will be removed soon.
  • CANCELLED: The course was canceled and is not accepting new sign-ups.

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All courses that are currently available for sign up are listed above. Click on "Details" to see the sign up link and more information about a course, including a full course description, a downloadable PDF of the course syllabus, the maximum number of students per course, the number of classes in the course, and how many minutes each class lasts.

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I recommend signing up for a course at least one week prior to its start date. However, sign-ups will be allowed until the day before a course's first lecture.

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No, you may browse courses without creating an account for this website, but you must create an account before you can actually sign up for a course.

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I am always looking for suggestions about what to teach next and how to reach more people. Contact me and let me know what you would like to see me teach and when. If there is enough demand, I would be happy to add a new course or section of an existing course.